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Providing sales people with mobile device access to CRM drives a 14.6 percent productivity increase

- Nucleus Research 2012

Productivity gains you can't ignore...

Efficiency Gains

sales and marketing managers gain better visibility into how content is being used when content or a demo led to a lead qualification or order

sales can update their account activity during and immediately after a client meeting leading to more data with more details - valuable for sales coaching and content developmentNucleus Research: % of respondants that indicated CRM mobility improved sales productivity

Quality Improvement

reviewing customer activity and service issues in transit to the customer makes sales appear more knowledgeable allowing them to focus on building relationships

Increase prospects

with geomapping and other features, field sales can identify and contact prospects in their proximity when they have time available, increasing the number of prospect calls per trip

In general...

Mobile applications keep salespeople connected to data, team members, and customers.

Delivering a CRM experience that is consistent across web, client and device is key to driving productivity and adoption. Always know where you are within your sales process, easily complete key tasks and advance the process to reveal what’s next.

Nucleus Research: 59% improvement in sales performance with CRM mobility

Vendors we recommend (and partner with)...

Microsoft has supported a 'light' client called CRM Mobile for a number of years, however, it is with the release of CRM 2013 that it has delivered on the promise of an effective CRM mobile solution. It is a product that can provide value out-of-the-box although several refinements are necessary for it to compete with others vendors of which off line, or cached, access to data is still come as of the release data. Look to see Microsoft pour resources into making this a complete tool over the next 12 months.

Founded in 1999, Resco is a global leader in developing cross-platform mobile software solutions. In the last few years, Resco has come into its own with its continued commitment to updates with real business value.  The simplicity of implementation is truly amazing yet it has a flexible architecture allowing for the enforcement of data standards and business processes including scripting and geocoding.

CWR Mobility
CWR Mobility became the standard bearer of Dynamic CRM mobility with the Apple overtaking Blackberry as the mobile device of choice. Microsoft itself became enthusiastic about the company and in 2012 decided to buy the mobile solution from CWR although  this initiative fell through after market announcements. CWR continues to provide an impressive mobile platform with HTML 5 and javascript support that matches that of Resco.

Best  practices in implementing CRM mobility...

Set up as a project. Define roles, collect requirements, and establish a design solution along with other project activities.

Ensure you establish a CRM Mobility executive team. Include the solution champion and decision maker. The greatest risk to any project is lack of executive and user involvement.

Mobile devices have smaller screens, geo-presence, and are used in  time-sensitive engagements - requirements are different from your main CRM solution, ensure you understand and incorporate these in your solution.

Security. Ensure to define security concerns including not just loss or theft of data  but loss and theft of equipment.

Select a CRM vendor that provides a solution that is flexible to meet your immediate and near requirements. Assess commitment to the  solution and ensure support coverage is sufficient for your needs.

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Pilot. Pilot. Pilot. The general rule of thumb is that it will take three iterations to get to a solution that your users will fully appreciate. To get there at less cost and higher adoption, you need to pilot your solution to identify and refine key features.

Quick implementation for SMB CRM mobility ...

We get it. As a small-medium business you don't have the time or budget to commit to a CRM mobility project. This is what you can do to implement a successful solution.

Ensure owner or senior executive commitment to the project. Identify executive goals and requirements - prioritize.

Interview informed users and reconcile with executive goals and requirements..

Process  change. Look to modify business processes to meet mobile features rather than customizing the mobile solution to meet existing processes.

Select a vendor that meets your top priority(ies) out-of-the-box and is flexible to meet your other requirements. Invest in vendor support.

Implement with minor changes only. Train, monitor, update.

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