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Health Check

Checking the health of your CRM system on a regular basis will reduce administration costs, keep adoption rates high, and ensure maximum value.


Dynamic CRM Health Check is designed to help you keep your organization’s CRM system in optimum condition. Dynamic xRM provides a comprehensive Health Check package that includes several tracks.


The goal of the Performance Health Check is to optimize the performance of your CRM infrastructure and resolve key outstanding issues. Work with an infrastructure specialist to know your CRM is working right!

Business Process

The goal of a Business process Health Check is to ensure data management processes meet best practices.  Work with a data architect or business analyst to know your CRM is on the right track!

  •      TIPS

    •  Ensure commonly searched fields are indexed

    •  Use HTTP Compression on your IIS to improve Outlook client performance by more than 32%

    •  Do not use proxy servers in a LAN to improve higher throughput

  •      TIPS

    •  Manage organizations such as businesses, education institutes, departments, and regional offices as Accounts

    •  Ensure to be able to generate marketing lists from Leads and Contacts to remain compatible with most marketing solutions

    •  Define a Contact to represent key  people including influencers, decision makers, vendors, and other types that matter most to your business.

DXRMS is a Microsoft CRM Partner based in Vancouver, Canada. We deliver CRM and Marketing Automation implementations, enhancements and extensions to small and mid-market businesses.

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