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Data Services

Dxrms has years of experience in migrating data from systems of all sizes and complexities. What we offer is a migration process that will move your data into Dynamic CRM using the latest industry toolsets at a lower cost, shorter time frame, and with greater confidence than you could do yourself or with our competition.

What will be done?

Dxrms consultants will work to collect facts about your needs, document what and how migration will be performed, build migration scripts if necessary, and perform the 'cutover' migration.


The following are key topics in our data migration projects.



We determine sizing based on the number of records, number of source data sets, number of types of records, and complexity.



Based on requirements and budget we look to fit the right technology to the project which may include: manual, import wizard, excel re-import, Scribe, bulk import, custom coding



Our consultations or follow-up work sessions are designed to identify business needs and limitations, determine quality needs, sucess measurement, and current status.



Regardless of size resourcing, scheduling, budgeting, and logistics are all necessary - smaller projects just mean these can all be decided on in minutes rather than hours or over days.



Frequently there is a need to improve the quality of pre-imported data or at least message it so the values map well with the target fields in CRM.



Document the mapping rules for merging data types, de-duplicating, prioritizing, field mapping, transformations.



Frequently required, our consultants will build scripts that will migrate and transform the source data.



A collaborative effort that includes piloting, execution, testing, and validation.

How will we do it?

Dxrms uses proven project methodology for its data migration projects. See our Projects page for an overview of the key stages.


Next Steps

1. Contact dxrms for an initial free consultation.

2. If sizing is small then a written estimate will be provided; if not, then a Discovery stage meeting will first be required to identify required details.

3.  Once signed, for small size projects,  logistics will be discussed including remote access after which requirements and mappings will be documented; for larger projects, project office details will be first discussed.


Q & A

  • Q: How much will this cost?

    A: Most small sized data migration projects take hours or days of work effort. Cost estimates may be provided after an initial consultation - more complete Discovery work sessions are required for larger and more complex projects. Fixed cost estimates may be provided on request.

  • Q: How do I judge if I have a small data migration?

    A: Small is If you have hundreds of records in a spreadsheet that you want imported as Contacts or Leads without any pre-import data messaging. Complexity increases quickly though when looking to create and relate Accounts for each Contact or when looking to change categories.

  • Q: How can I save money and time?

    A: High-grading data is the easiest method to save money. For example, review Outlook address fields in a spreadsheet and ensure Street fields only have the primary street. Another is to ensure you know what you are importing and how it maps into CRM - for example, what are the Relationship Types for imported Contacts and do they correspond to those types in CRM?

  • Q: Can the migration be done remotely or do I have to pay travel costs?

    A: Small projects can frequently be done with remote access. The larger the project, the Discovery stage work session(s) become 'more required'.

  • Q: Can dxrms consultants augment internal resources?

    A: Data Migration projects can contain a mix of internal and dxrms consultants. In fact, it is required in determining requirements and validating the data migration design. However, in order to ensure success dxrms consultants will need to verify all design details, build and perform all scripting and perform the data cutover.

DXRMS is a Microsoft CRM Partner based in Vancouver, Canada. We deliver CRM and Marketing Automation implementations, enhancements and extensions to small and mid-market businesses.

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