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CRM 2013

Key Findings

CRM 2013 presents a cleaner and more intuitive user interface (UX) - more data can be seen on the same screen than before

Yammer integration is for internal collaboration and a Yammer enterprise account needs to be licensed separately.

Native mobile applications for for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Window devices are available - free

Global CRM search is available but only on the iPad for now - there are plans to implement this on all CRM clients

Mobile offerings do not have offline capability - it is coming soon

General customization changes will allow you to customize more for less dollars

Synchronous workflows may replace the need to develop some plug-ins but without a looping structure, plug-ins will remain a central technology used in customization efforts

CRM form changes are 'auto saved' every 30 seconds saving clicks and improving data quality; although, the current method of saving will need to be retained until customizations and plug-ins are designed to accommodate this feature

Limited in-line grid editing with Javascript support is available as a native feature; however, it is limited to the Sales process - it is planned to be extended to all entities

Business process automation changes makes it easier to customize business processes

Internet Explorer 11 is not yet supported

The method of navigation has changed and customization is limited at this time.

CRM Outlook client will likely be more stable and the morning start of Outlook faster for users due to architectural changes in how it shares memory

CRM Views can search for an absence of records- for example, Show Accounts without any Opportunities - and will remove the obligation to create custom reports

CRM 2013 now offers the native ability to store and display an image on a form allowing users to, for example,  upload pictures of clients or key assets

Server based synchronization of emails, tasks, and appointments are done directly with a Microsoft Exchange server  so now, for example, user holidays won't get in the way of capturing client critical  inbound emails



With 2013, there is a change from 2 to 3 levels of CRM:

1. Professional (full)

2. Basic (limited CRM)

3. Essential (Custom applications)


Dynamic CRM On-Premises Volume Licensing and Pricing Guide

If you are using a typical CRM customer you will need Professional

mobility is free

trial version can be upgraded to a commercial product key

No license required for external users

Upgrade Considerations

If  with  CRM Online, Microsoft  will perform your technical upgrade to CRM 2013 according to Microsoft's assigned 'Go Live' time

If the size, complexity, and organization structure dictates, strike a CRM Committee to oversee or manage the CRM upgrade project

Prepare a project plan including estimated time, schedule, and resources required to upgrade -

If with CRM Online, reschedule Microsoft's assigned 'Go Live' time as needed and within Microsoft' time limitations

If budget permits, review business requirements and incorporate recent change requests

Ensure to include a review  of system requirements; if with CRM Online, ensure to review CRM Outlook client requirements

Perform a gap-analysis between established requirements and CRM 2013 functionality

Consider mobility and CRM email management changes in respect to requirements

Due to the significant user interface change, end-user CRM upgrade training or at least prepare self-help materials will be required


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