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Specialists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and integrated Marketing Automation solutions, dxrms provides implementation and maintenance services that maximize your strategic investments.

About Us

Who we are

Dynamic xRM Solutions is a boutique consulting firm that was founded by Brian Bonnor in 2009 as a services organization with the goal of providing business consulting services to organizations looking to improve the productivity of their front office using Microsoft CRM.

Why choose us?

You've come to our site and are deciding whether dxrms can get the job done - on time, on budget. Good. We encourage due diligence in our customers and take pride in beating our competition!


At this point in your evaluation, you are likely looking for a sense of our talent and 'style' of doing business to determine whether we are a good fit for your organization and project. At this stage, we understand that this will involve a 'gut' feel and evaluation of our differentiators. If you are looking for substantive services and should we 'pass the test', we would expect no less than a follow-up introductory meeting and further evaluation. But until this stage, here is why you should choose dxrms.






We have consultants that have been working on Microsoft CRM as far back as when it was in Beta. Longevity provides perspective and insight that reduces 'oops' and ensures there are more 'its best practice to have your process map to CRM...'


Our consultants working with you  have worked at large consulting firms. We know what is important for small, medium, and large organizations. We know when 'a simple setup' means to involve five departments, outsourced IT company, or your 'IT guy'.

We understand time is valuable and time is money.


Our consultants understand the questions to ask and how to ask them so your project can move ahead quickly with confidence.


We understand the only path to success is to not be shy about collecting verified details to minimize risk and cost.


We are flexible to the style of our clients but also understand you hired us to be the experts in how  Dynamic CRM  can be best deployed to meet your needs.

If you are an executive, do you ever feel that IT j'ust does their own thing'? Or if you are in IT, do you sometimes feel that management just doesn't understand the complexities of what is being asked?


Speaking the 'right language' gets to the heart of knowledge. And with knowledge comes correct planning and action.  What do you mean when you say 'select this option'? Define an 'Account' - is it a business, organization, or a bank account?


DxRMS understands the importance of establishing a firm foundation of terms and definitions and knows the need to constantly strive to ensure  clearity without assumptions.


Providing talent in Microsoft CRM is not cheap so rates are not low, but..we are priced to win.


That said, our rates reflect effective competency - we work quickly and with fewer issues. Consider...


1. Less experienced consultants will take longer to perform similar tasks as they 'get familiar' with the CRM tasks required of them costing you money.

2. Risk increases as junior consultants are added as unfamiliarity leads to costly oversites - how much risk are you looking to add to your project?

3. Smoother engagements look more favorably on you - all projets have issues but hiring more experieinced CRM talent will result in fewer 'oops'


DXRMS is a Microsoft CRM Partner based in Vancouver, Canada. We deliver CRM and Marketing Automation implementations, enhancements and extensions to small and mid-market businesses.

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